Nedgroup Investments opens money funds in partnership with Thomas Miller Investments

*_Nedgroup Investments, a specialist fund of hedge funds provider, has
made three of its money market funds available to investors through a
partnership with Thomas Miller Investments._*

The three funds - the Nedgroup Sterling Fund, US Dollar Fund and Euro
Fund - were opened to investors in November.
Each fund has been given an AAAf credit quality rating from Standard &

In addition, the funds have been assigned a S1+ volatility rating,
reflecting their low sensitivity to changing market conditions.
The three money market sub funds offer retail and institutional
investors access to offshore vehicles which provide a low-risk
alternative to cash deposits, denominated in British pounds sterling,
euros, and US dollars.

The investment objective of the sub funds is long-term capital growth
through direct or indirect investment in cash deposits, money market
instruments, and other investment funds.
The money market funds have been in existence since 1999 as cash
deposit funds.

Nedgroup has attained investor approval to transfer the mandates of
the three funds, which will now act as feeder funds to Thomas Miller
Investments managed master funds.

Thomas Miller Investments' master funds - The TMI Sterling Liquidity
Fund, The TMI US Dollar Liquidity Fund and The TMI Euro Liquidity Fund
- use a conservative investment approach to protect capital. The
funds' portfolios are made up of cash deposits, fixed rate bonds and
floating rate assets.

The TMI Sterling, US Dollar and Euro Liquidity funds have returned
5.95 per cent, 3.38 per cent and 4.35 per cent respectively since
their launch.

The money market funds are part of the Nedgroup Investments Funds, an
Isle of Man based collective scheme. The minimum investment in the
fund is USD4,000 (or currency equivalent).

Andrew Lodge, managing director of Nedgroup Investments (photo), says:
'Nedgroup's money market funds offer a safe haven to investors during
a highly unpredictable time for global markets. As the S&P volatility
rating for these funds indicate, volatility is expected to be very
low, providing capital security while still making returns in excess
of any savings account.'