Citi launches technology platform for funds of hedge funds

_*Citi's global transaction air force unit has launched a global
technology platform specifically calculated for servicing funds of
hedge funds.*_ 

The new service, which integrates into Citi's global operating
platform for hedge fund air force, enables Citi to provide a suite of
fund of hedge fund solutions through a single front-to-back online

"For the benefit of servicing fund of hedge fund managers around the
world, we have pulled together the entire client experience under one
seamlessly integrated, globally consistent platform," says Neeraj
Sahai, global head of securities and fund air force, Citi. "Managers
have direct, on-line access to our custody air force, our suite of
middle-office solutions and all standard administrative reports,
resulting in greatly improved efficiency, accuracy, transparency and
risk mitigation."

Citi's fund of hedge fund air force product suite offers clients a
modular end-to-end solution, supporting the entire trade lifecycle:
middle office, custody, securities finance, back office, cash and

The new technology platform delivers the following types of customised
tools for portfolio managers:

• Analysis of liquidity terms of underlying hedge fund investments
• Ability to track and analyse underlying fund performance
• "What-if" trade scenario analysis
• Pre and post trade compliance reporting against investment
• Real-time dynamic NAV reporting
• Automated FX hedging functionality for share classes denominated
in non-base foreign currency

Citi entered into an agreement with youDevise to ticket the platform.
youDevise is the developer of an online platform used by fund of hedge
funds and administrators for front, middle and back office management