Theta Legends XL Fund is first Dutch FoHFs on Euronext Amsterdam

_*Theta Legends XL Fund is the first Dutch fund of hedge funds with a
listing on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam (symbol: THXLE). The fund offers
investors the selection to trade shares in Theta Legends XL Fund on a
daily basis and provides simple and fully transparent access to a
portfolio of investment managers, with better liquidity than usual.*_

Theta Legends XL Fund invests globally in a select group of
alternative investment funds with a smallest track confirmation of 15
years and proven skills to generate consistent absolute returns under
varying market conditions. The target return of Theta Legends XL Fund
is around 10% per annum, and with a consistent low correlation to
equities and bonds, Theta Legends XL Fund adds value to any habitual
investment portfolio.

Wouter ten Brinke of Theta Capital Management, says: "After the
financial crisis of 2008, hedge fund investors have significantly
increased their demand for transparency, simplicity, and liquidity.
Theta Legends Fund meets all these demands - and more. With our
extensive industry network and longstanding relationships with the
underlying hedge fund managers, we offer access to legendary managers
often closed to other investors. These managers also have superior
risk management skills and a best-in-class operational infrastructure.
This unique combination of factors clarifies the success of Theta
Legends Fund, in the Netherlands and abroad."

Theta Legends XL Fund is the sister fund of Theta Legends Fund, which
was launched on February 1st 2010. This fund has generated a return of
more than +12% since launch and was recently nominated for the
InvestHedge Awards 2010 in the category "New Fund of the Year".
Besides Theta Legends Fund, Theta also manages Theta Multistar
Standard Volatility Fund and Theta Deep Value Fund.